ponedeljek, 22. januar 2007


This came to my blog email address:

I'm coming to study at the University of Maribor in February and so I started reading your blog some days back. Two questions:

1. I'm planning to be in Maribor on 31st Jan, but I still don't have any accommodation! The university has not been able to locate anything, and I am now panicking. Would you be able to suggest something?

2. Whats the best way to get around in Maribor? Is there a bike rental service? I'm going to be there for 4 months.

3. Any other good blogs or English news sites on Slovenia?

Thanks a bunch,

Anyone care to answer? I don't really know much about Maribor.

4 komentarji:

Michael pravi ...

I got the exact same mail, and so did Vidmar. It seems like he sent it to everyone on si.blogs?

BeeBee pravi ...

I thought that may have been the case.

Abid pravi ...

Not to everyone. Just the five blogs I liked! Good to see an active blogsphere!

Did get some good news recommendations:

Slovenia Times (www.sloveniatimes.com)

Slovene Press Agency (www.sta.si/en)

Irka pravi ...

Pa poslji rec se na geo liste. Zihr se bo najdu kak geo, ki bo rade volje pomagal.