četrtek, 08. december 2005

Nobel lecture

Long but very interesting: Harold Pinter – Nobel Lecture: Art, Truth & Politics

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dragra pravi ...

Harold P's most writings are out of question, but this monologue is more than questionable. You should consider that Mr. Pinter (btw, this name sounds remarkably Slavic) is a badly ill man (he was actually brought to the hospital right after having this speach). Harold is also a member if ICDSM.org (together with Peter Handke & others) which is fighting to free Slobodan Milosevic. H.P. was actually used here to speak out for the radical leftists (yet not against his will), yet he's not doing anybody a favour with that, though.

Besides, Pinter's (theatre) work is today not as relevant as it was about 20 yrs. before - at least I can't see real life relevance there. He's a part of the establishment, already before taking the Nobel Prize. In Vienna, for example, his plays are even running (& badly flopping) at the (Theater in der) Josefstadt!