torek, 30. november 2004

Dieux du Stade

Cristina (who might be reading this, nosy!) is trying to persuade me to buy this calendar:

Zaenkrat me se daje škrtost (to imam po mami).

Še bolj držmo pesti!

Še par kolesc se je zavrtelo. In možno je (odvisno sicer od faksa), da bi šla na Finsko za več kot pol leta. Naslednji koraki: spoliranje CV-ja, branje razpisanih projektov in pošiljanje mejlov ustreznim inštancam.

ponedeljek, 29. november 2004

Držmo pesti!

Pognalo se je preliminarno kolesje, prvi odzivi so kar obetavni in tole se bo mogoče nekoč celo res zgodilo. Še prej pa doktorat iz birokracije...

nedelja, 28. november 2004

Where I'm not going for New Year's

I heard from B. for the first time in more than a year. Meeting him last year greatly affected my life, so it would be nice to see him again.

So if you want to spend New Year's on a warm beach near Phuket Thailand, considered yourself most invited. Shirl [mutual work contact, never met her in person] and I planned to be warm way back, even before I fell for Sandra [B.'s girlfriend], so it will be just pure fun for us three and if you want to be there as well, don't give it a second thought, just look for the cheap airfare !!!

Ljubljana - ?? - Bangkok - ?? - Ljubljana, Gulf Air, 95.760,00 SIT + tax

Guess I'm not going this year. Hrmph.

sobota, 27. november 2004

Badminton & geografska olimpijada

Rezultat 3 : 1 (za Mateja - čestitke!)
Pa žulj na nožnem palcu.

Vsekakor vredno ponovitve. :)

Zdej pa malo dvignimo rating Slovenije na geografski olimpijadi. Trenutno smo na 69. mestu.

ponedeljek, 22. november 2004

All systems go

If you happen to be awake tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7 am, cross your fingers for me. The exam will take about 90 minutes.

Thank you.

torek, 16. november 2004


Saw Spellbound yesterday. Loved it! Never noticed before how difficult Enlgish spelling really was. But then I'd also never heard of 97% of the words those kids in the movie had to spell.

It's also interesting what the kids are up to now, 5 years after the movie was filmed. Angela, has a blog, as does Ted. DC girl, Ashley, now 18, is a single teenage mother, and attending university after she got some help from the outside. April and Emily are somewhat active on IMDB forum.

Anyway, it's a fun movie.

ponedeljek, 15. november 2004

Possibly more TMI for the queasy

When you're out of painkillers during those days (gotta love the vagueness of that expression), ThermaCare Menstrual HeatPatches might provide some relief.

Don't be fooled by the picture, you must wear granny knickers and should not be allowed to go out unless you wear 50 layers of clothing that could disguise the wonderfully warm yet aesthetically repulsive device. Oh, and you probably don't want to know how dangerous it can be if ingested. But then painkillers are no picnic either.

sreda, 10. november 2004

Procrastination galore #2

Instead of studying, I'm procrastinating by browsing throught EVS (European Voluntary Service) projects. I've already bookmarked twelve in northern Finland and Sweden. Thing is, I have no idea when I should do this. Before I graduate? After? Ever?

At the moment, six months in the middle of Lappish nowhere sounds like a dream. And possibly running away from reality. Hrmph.

Me wanna go here!

nedelja, 07. november 2004


I have a slight fever. No headache, no sore throat, no stuffed or runny nose. Flu?

And just as I was supposed to start studying for an exam. Could be a good sign, actually, at least last two times I was sick while preparing for exams, they went well.

Sps, is it ok if I give you the lucky dice back on 23rd?

petek, 05. november 2004

Brought to you by that wonderful "Next Blog" button

How to blog if you're a teenager in Singapore:

  • make your readers suffer: use really small font;
  • make sure the writing is pale on pale background (or any other headache-inducing combination);
  • uSe cAPitaL letTtErS at rAnDOm, buT nEVeR aT tHe beGInnIng of a NeW seNTenCe;
  • don't bother with spelling anything correctly, make sure your readers can't understand a word: use tt instead of that, noe instead of know, de instead of the, etc.;
  • use 0 (that's a zer0) instead of o;
  • if you're a girl, make it as pink as possible;
  • use a BlogSkins template or similar;
  • mIX aNd sTIr, leaVE 0ut aN iNGreDienT, C0me Up wITh y0uR 0WN, and v0ILa!
  • some examples are here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

  • Disclaimer: I know not all blogs in Singapore are like this, this is gross generalization, but most Singaporean blogs I have come across so far were like this. No offense.

    Fuck it!

    Note to self: always c&p posts to Word or whatever before publishing. I had a long post written and now it's lost. Might rewrite later. Hrmph.

    sreda, 03. november 2004

    Men se meša

    Vsak čas bom diplomirala pravo. Tako, ljubiteljsko, prijateljsko. Ker morajo pravniki v 4 letih študija napisati en malo daljši esejček, je pri diplomi največji problem oblikovanje. Pa ne govorim o kakšnem fensi šmensi oblikovanju, kot se ga gredo mojemu bratu (mogoče nekoč celo univ. dipl. ing. arh.) podobni, pač pa najenostavnejše. Recimo uporaba tabulatorjev. Ali slogov. Da o tabelah ne govorimo.

    In tako postanem računalniško polpismena jaz pravi guru za Word. Brezplačno!

    A se kdo javi, da mi napiše diplomo? (Pa malo dlje bo trajalo kot na pravu.)

    (Pa originalni post mi je blogger požrl. Res fino. NOT!)

    ponedeljek, 01. november 2004