petek, 29. oktober 2004

Scribble scribble scribble

By the end of this week I'll have written three articles in one week. Seriously, I don't know how I could do this if I also had lectures. Anyway, must finish the article that might actually make me some money (and I already have a title for it).

Oh, and I'm planning a regular theme to post once a week. Just have to decide which day.

četrtek, 28. oktober 2004

Išče se:

Študentska izkaznica. Konkretno moja. Nazadnje videna v Foculusu včeraj zvečer. Če je ni tam (še iščejo), močno upam, da je to part of the matchmaking plan (posvečeni boste že vedeli, za kaj gre), ampak se bojim, da je to samo wishful thinking.

UPDATE @ 13:07
Študentska najdena v denarnici v enem čisto stranskem predalčku.

sreda, 27. oktober 2004

One down, one to go!

1821 words
11.562 characters including spaces (maximum is 10.000, but basic article is below that)
4 pages
60 paragraphs
211 lines
6 photos

Now to come up with a short and attention-grabbing title...

I'll think about it while I sleep. Night!

torek, 26. oktober 2004

nedelja, 24. oktober 2004


Se je zgodil. Vsi preživeli, slikali smo se, jaz imam slik sicer bolj malo, pa se mi jih zdajle ne da niti gledati, kar šele objavljati. Itak pa bo menda Kuki kaj več o celi stvari napisal. Pa seveda tudi vsi drugi.

sreda, 20. oktober 2004

Dobre novice

Danes je po težkih mukah magistriral B. od Š. V bistvu sem najbolj vesela zanjo, saj ga je, kljub temu da živita skupaj, že prav pošteno pogrešala.

Oblikovanje spletnih strani, drugič

Preživela. Pa saj ni nič težkega, veliko stvari mi je že kar znanih (hvala blogu!) ampak po mojem sem pol pozabila v pol ure. No, je pa res, da se bom z morebitno uporabo kaj tudi spomnila :)

ponedeljek, 18. oktober 2004


Just as I find the perfect e-card for S. who's feeling down today, it turns out you have to be a Yahoo! Greetings member to be able to send it. Well, thanks a lot.

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sobota, 16. oktober 2004

petek, 15. oktober 2004

My 200th post (I think)

100 things you don't care about:

1. I'm 1.75m tall.
2. I've only been really really really drunk once. And I was only hungover once.
3. I only started to notice I can sometimes get really bad PMS last winter.
4. The weirdest thing I ever had to go see the doctor about was a boil inside my ear in 2001.
5. Imam dve sestrični in bratranca, s katerimi nisem v stikih.
6. Na živce mi gre, če ljudje jamrajo, nič pa ne storijo, da bi odpravili vzrok svojih težav.
7. The smell of mayonnaise makes me sick.
8. I don't eat processed meat unless I'm starving and there's nothing else to eat.
9. I also avoid minced meat at all cost. Bad experience in primary school.
10. And I'm generally picky about my food!
11. Although I have eaten some weird things and enjoyed them, such as whale and seal meat.
12. But wasn't too hot on whale blubber and passed on seal blubber.
13. I can put my feet behind my head without warm-up.
14. People often don't get my jokes.
15. I was a blonde kid.
16. Na maturi sem imela 29 pik.
17. Matematika in angleščina na višjem nivoju, izbirni geografija in psihologija.
18. Na koncu zadnjega maturitetnega izpita (matematika ustno) sem se zjokala.
19. In mojo razredničarko je blazno zaskrbelo.
20. I've never smoked.
21. Or done any illegal drugs.
22. I have two best friends.
23. I prefer to travel alone.
24. I've lived in the same flat for the last 20 years.
25. My shoes range from size 38 (my only heels, only worn once) to 42.5 (winter hiking boots).
26. The first time I did anything with internet was in 1994.
27. I haven't studied seriously since 2002.
28. I hope I will never need to own a car.
29. I've never been at a religious service.
30. Sometimes I feel like I'm psychic.
31. But other times I am completely clueless.
32. My favourite ice cream flavour is caramel.
33. My favourite candy is liquorice. The saltier the better.
34. I've been to three funerals in my life, and at one in spirit.
35. I've never been to a wedding.
36. I have three wisdom teeth, two of which are hardly visible, so a dentist once didn't count one.
37. If I listen to music as I travel, a certain song can remind me of a certain place forever.
38. Leonard Cohen's Suzanne is Northern Hungary, for example.
39. When I brush my teeth, I also brush my tongue.
40. I currently own 10 atlases.
41. At the moment my hair is at its longest ever.
42. And I'm thinking of having it cut.
43. One of my life "goals" was to see Northern lights.
44. My fascination with the north started in primary school. (also see #43)
45. First there was Northern Exposure.
46. Then there was my geography teacher who'd just returned from Norway.
47. I've never been to Norway.
48. I really want to go to Svalbard.
49. I don't know anyone whose birthday is on the same day as mine.
50. But I know many people with birthdays around mine.
51. I can get very jealous.
52. I hate that.
53. I cry easily.
54. I'm currently on my 2nd mobile.
55. Which I hardly ever use to call people.
56. I let people call me.
57. I'm scared of big dogs that are not on a leash.
58. Anything bigger than a labrador qualifies as big, although I'm not afraid of unleashed labs.
59. If you google my full name you get 17 results, about 9 are relevant.
60. I had my first English class when I was 5. I hated it.
61. As I did two years later, when I started again.
62. I don't like to dance.
63. Unless I'm drunk.
64. Which is not often.
65. I'm a new Mooncup user. (WARNING: Don't click on that link if you're queasy about women's monthly cycles.)
66. I got insertion down in one.
67. But removal is still a bit of a problem.
68. I broke my left arm when I was 9.
69. And sprained my left ankle for the first time when I was 10.
70. Sprained it for the second time at 18.
71. Third and fourth time within a week at 23.
72. I had the best burek ever in Bitola, Macedonia.
73. Mystery: I has 200 SEK. I spent 189 and brought back 40. I have no idea how that happened.
74. This is my favourite salt liquorice.
75. I think I was on the verge of clinical depression early this year.
76. I have my dad's teeth.
77. And his fingers and toes.
78. And his hair.
79. I have an embarrassing number of posts on the internet forum I frequent.
80. Technically I still owe Amtrak $30.
81. V prvem letniku gimnazije sem prvi dan skoraj zamudila, ker sem komaj našla učilnico.
82. I hate phone small talk.
83. I'm not very sociable.
84. No one remembers what was the first word I said.
85. I drink tea in the morning.
86. I used to be allergic to (some?) insect bites.
87. Prepričana sem, da sem se delno čisto sama vzgojila.
88. Imam težave s konfrontacijo.
89. Nimam pa težav z izterjanjem dolgov.
90. Če bi blo po očitovo, bi mi bilo ime Lucija.
91. Najbolj sumljiv stavek na svetu je: "A mi lahko narediš eno majhno uslugo?"
92. Ko mi kdo reče, naj se pomirim, zares znorim.
93. I don't like staying out late.
94. But I don't mind staying up late.
95. Lani sem se samoiniciativno na pamet naučila pesem Margaret Atwood Variations on the Word "Sleep".
96. somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond E. E. Cummingsa mi ni šla.
97. Na Triglavu sem bila enkrat, in sicer pred 17 leti.
98. V soboto sem bila prvič v Gardalandu.
99. I can knit.
100. It took me exactly one week to write this list.

sreda, 13. oktober 2004


This post on The Glory of Carniola got un unbelievable number of narrow-minded comments.

They are of four kinds:
1. The picture was not taken in Slovenia (I'm guessing it was Croatia), and Michael failed to mention that. Therefore the non-Slovenes who read his blog, could, *gasp*, think something so outrageously savage and Balkan happened in Slovenia.
2. Michael's blog's subtitle is "Life in Slovenia", so he should never ever in his wildest dreams post anything that is not in direct connection with Slovenia.
3. Chill, dudes!
4. Other.

FFS, it's his blog! He can post whatever he wants, he could even say the picture was taken on Mars, or, God forbid, dare I say, in our fair Slovenia.

I did not see Michael's post as a demonstration of how things are done at a certain place, but merely the way they are done. Location is not important, although knowing this part of Europe does make it funnier. And I think that was Michael's intention.

Face it, Slovenia's recent history happened, like it or not. We might as well make the best of it (i.e. laugh about it). And understanding ex-Yu languages is a bonus that we got with it.

And would an "outsider" think any less of Slovenia if the situation in the picture happened in Slovenia? Doubt it. Might find in quirky, but not bad.

(Blogger ate a long post I had written about this, so I might be updating this post as I remember more of the lost one.)

torek, 12. oktober 2004

Oblikovanje spletnih strani

Danes bila na prvi tretjini tečaja, ki sem ga dobila kot nagrado. Jako zanimivo, čeprav sem se večino današnje snovi naučila že z oblikovanjem tegale bloga. No, vsaj najbolj butasta nisem bila.

ponedeljek, 04. oktober 2004

Your wish is my command :)

For your viewing pleasure. (Zdej pa hop! na študenta!)

Živa's request #1:

View from my window

Živa's request #2: void - I have no pets.

Živa's request #3:

My peeling parts

Michael's request #1 (A picture of something in Ljubljana that you never see in travel books):

Alora Luksus Lukna skus

Michael's request #2 (Close-up of an insect):

Monster bug

Michael's request #3:

Something purple

Any more requests?

sobota, 02. oktober 2004

Let's try this

From Blogger Dashboard:
Ask your readers to think of three photos they'd like to see posted to your blog. (Things around your house or whatever.) When you have enough requests, post them!


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petek, 01. oktober 2004


V ponedeljek je moja prijateljica A. iz gimnazije rodila 4,07 kg težko punčko. Se mi kar smeji. :)))))))

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Useless post about many things

1) How should a roll of toilet paper be placed on the holder? With the loose end over the roll or behind it? Personally I prefer it over the roll.

2) I sprained my ankle twice in Dalmatia. First time was on the first day, on the boat. Second time was on the last day in Split, when the old injury was almost helaed. I was completely sober both times. I was also stung by a wasp, on the second day during breakfast. It hurt like hell.

3) Ko spim, imam najraje, če je okno na stežaj odprto, jaz pa sem pokopana pod tono odej. To pomeni, da sem že pred kakšnim tednom začela spati v srednje debeli pižami in nogavicah. Komaj čakam tapravo zimo, ko bom zavita v polarno pižamo in tri odeje dihala ledeno mrzel (in od izpušnih plinov tovornjakov, ki dostavljajo blago v trgovino, onesnažen) zrak.

4) My feet are itching to travel again.

5) Še zmeraj nisem izterjala denarja od Francoza, ki mi je polomil displej na fotoaparatu.

6) Any dates for SloBlogMeet?

7) Danes grem pokasirat cekine, ki sem jih zaslužila včeraj (1000 SIT/h ha, plača je bila 1800 SIT/h :D).

8) A picture:

Late night in Hvar. The moon was red (see the red spot). Sorry for the blur - it was a windy night and we were on a boat.

9) Kupovanje hlač je zame cela mora. Sem čisto sprijaznjena z dejstvom, da bo na listku ogromna konfekcijska številka. Ampak če že imam širšo rit in stegna, še ne pomeni, da nimam oblike! Pas zaenkrat še imam, nisem se še spremenila v valj. Hrmph.

10) I've never had to correct a post so many times after publishing it.

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