četrtek, 30. september 2004

Chocolate ice cream pondering

Every now and then I get the notion to delete this blog. It's really strong at the moment, for example. But being indecisive as I am, I won't do it just yet. I may change my mind.

It's not like I ever post anything really interesting, and basically it's more like my personal online bookmarks folder.

Ne vem. Bom še razmislila.

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sreda, 29. september 2004


Vsako leto si za sicer precej grd koledarček "Da ne pozabim...", ki ga izdeluje Erhart, izdelam en malo lepši ovitek. Najprej je bil to en dečko iz neke reklame. Potem koščki koledarja iz Prage. Sledili so pingvini s koledarja. Potem fotke z Grenlandije, nazadnje pa iz ZDA in Kanade. Letos bo Islandija. Ovitek izdelujem že od sredine avgusta. Cilj za danes: da ga končam!

And a "juicy" bit for Živa: My boobs are peeling.

UPDATE: bloody stupid %&$*ž@§&# computer!

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ponedeljek, 27. september 2004

Pictures online

Pictures from Dalmatia 2004 are now online!

I apologise for the excess sunsets, but we seemed to get off the boat just in time for a sunset every time. I just couldn't resist.

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nedelja, 26. september 2004

Back to reality?

Had a blast last week. The weather was great, I have a gorgeous tan. Too bad there's no way I can now show it off as it's bloody freezing in Slovenia.

Dalmatia is an amazing place. It's so far away, though.

I will be posting pictures from the last bits of summer over the next few days, starting with the road trip to Split:

Somewhere in Croatia

Morning at Maslenica Bridge

petek, 17. september 2004

And I'm off again!

There, I'm nearly packed (anything I'm forgetting?), will have a coffee now and wait to be picked up around 2:40am.

For those not in the know: I'm off to Dalmatia, na absolventa. Back in a week.

Be good!

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četrtek, 16. september 2004

Unusual traffic signs

Dog sleds have absolute right of way in Greenland. So one is warned!

Ilulissat, Greenland

Kosovo is a confusing place. But whether you're driving a car or a tank (hmm, does one drive a tank, or is operate a more appropriate word?), you'll always know the speed limit.

Štrpce, Kosovo

(click on images for larger view)

Hug, anyone?

N. once asked me which 3 MSN emoticons I would like to become real. I have a special hug one, and that was my first answer. So, if anyone feels like spreading the love, feel free to hug me (see under "Share the love!"). Virtually, of course ;)

sreda, 15. september 2004


It's raining like crazy and I can't have the window open as much as I like. So I am not in bed dreaming of giant glow-in-the-dark jellyfish coming after me at a sandy beach (yes, an actual dream of mine). Am blogging instead.

What an absolutely useless day it was today! Well, ok, saw Fahrenheit 9/11, but that was all. Can't comment on it. Yet.

OK, a list of things I need to do before Friday night:
make cookies brownies
get HRK and €€
• email M., maybe also I. (if I feel like some ass-kissing) (can't be bothered, emailed J. instead, I miss him)
send CDs to P., E., N., R. and B.
• ???

torek, 14. september 2004

Zdej mam pa razlog za jok!

Prijava na izpit je izgleda nakako sfalila in zdaj ne vem, če grem jutri lahko na izpit ali ne. Jezna sama nase, ker se niti sama ne spomnim, če sem se sploh res prijavila. Argh! Sem emajlirala profesorju, ampak po moje ne bo slo! Pa je sel cel vikend v nulo. :(((((

Weird mood culminates

Am crying for no reason. Always happens when I'm stressed (and studying boring subjects).


ponedeljek, 13. september 2004

Bloody hell, I'm pissed!

Just had the tiniest little bit of Porto wine that N. brought me back in August. And I'm drunk now. Well, not exactly, but can definitely feel it. Proof that I'm not much of a drinker.

nedelja, 12. september 2004

Pa je nazaj

S. namreč. Jaz pa čudne volje. Tudi verjetno zaradi stvari s C. No, vsaj opazil je, da ni vse kul.

Nič, se grem zdej učit.

petek, 10. september 2004


Po čudnem spletu naključij sem izbrskala svoj že v dveh različicah nagrajeni in na netu objavljeni članek. Stvar sem spisala pred skoraj enim letom, pa tudi veliko daljša je bila v originalu. No ja, uživajte!

Prostovoljno delo v Britanski Kolumbiji

(Anonimnosti je pa zdaj res konec, kaj?)


Svetloba je taka že kar nekaj tednov, temperature pa so se tudi že kar primerno spustile. Kar pomeni, da ponoči nosim nogavice. Ni kaj, poletja je konec.

Sama bom pa vseeno kmalu deležna še enotedenskega absolventskega podaljška v Dalmaciji :D

nedelja, 05. september 2004

Funny foods

I was a bad bad blogger yesterday. I'd promised to write about strange foods, but then didn't. So here it goes:

Edinburgh offers all kinds of foods, ranging from your typical fast food to more traditional ones, such as haggis. Somewhere inbetween come Fizz Bomb and Deep-fried Mars bar. My "wonderful" friends made me their guinea pig, so even though they'd been living there for 5 months to 3 years, I got to try this stuff first.

Fizz Bomb was first. It was at what turned out to be our favourite hang-out, a diner-like place called Favorit. So what is Fizz Bomb? Think yummy gooey chocolate fudge ice cream. Then think a glass of Coke. Now combine the two. It sounds worse than it actually is, albeit a waste of ice cream.

A few days later came the deep-fried Mars bar. Now this was something I'd been waiting to try ever since N. first told about it in Canada more than a year ago. Somehow I never got round to actually trying it when I was last in Edinburgh, so now was high time!

So, we walk into a rather big fish & chip shop, and it seems you can have deep fried anything there. I order my Mars bar, and pay (£1). And wait. And wait some more. Finally it's here! A thin batter-covered bar of chocolate. I bite in. It's exactly how I imagined it - a malten Mars bar. I didn't expect it to be quite as sweet, though. Half way through my teeth start to hurt. Emergency waterbottle comes into action. With a little help from N., the Mars is soon gone and I feel about 5 kilos heavier. Off we go to a club and I dance the calories away :)

petek, 03. september 2004

Pictures 'n' stuff

Scotland pictures have been uploaded.

My ten days in Scotland also included a one-day road trip up north (Edinburgh - Perth - Inverness - Port Augustus - Glencoe - Stirling - Edinburgh). As I represented 50% of all licensed drivers, it meant that I got to drive for about 350km. I got used to driving on the wrong side of the road and the stick shift being on the left quite quickly, although, admittedly, it was mostly in the countryside. Driving through Edinburgh to return the car, however, was a lot trickier. And having a non-responding Korean as my navigator didn't help either. Luckily Brits are kings of roundabouts, so going round and round and round is not a problem :P

Our little car

Tomorrow: weird foods :)

četrtek, 02. september 2004

Home Sweet Home


But here's a little update from yesterday: my fingernails were blue from the black (!) top I was wearing yesterday. (Hand)washed it today and the water was dark blue. Who would've thought.

A picture from less than a week ago: Glencoe