sreda, 18. avgust 2004

Off to Embra!

Going to Bohinj tomorrow, and then to Edinburgh on Monday! Yay! Besides visiting N. and J., I am also meeting S. for the first time. Am a little nervous about that. Oh well... Here's what Edi was like last September:

See you next month!

sreda, 11. avgust 2004

Te dni...

... je v Ljubljani en kup portugalsko govorečih osebkov. K številki prispeva tudi N., ki ga poznam z enega od internetnih forumov.

nedelja, 08. avgust 2004

Številke so strahotne!

Danes sem seštela čisto vse stroške, ki sem jih imela z Islandijo. Groza! Čeprav je zblizu moje ponedeljkove ocene, celo malo manj, ampak v tolarjih se sliši zares obupno.

Hvala, Žiga Zois! Hvala, starši!

Še dobro, da je avion za Edinburgh že plačan, in večina absolventa tudi.

torek, 03. avgust 2004

ponedeljek, 02. avgust 2004


After nearly five weeks of planes, trains, buses, bikes, boats and plain feet, after swimming in geothermally heated pools, explosion crater lakes and the Greenland Sea, after about 700 photos (and a broken digital camera display), after about €1700 (rough estimate, don't dare do my finances yet), after a footbal injury, some very unusually nice Icelandic weather and sunny beaches of Funen Island, Denmark, I am now back home. My room is a mess, I don't feel like calling any of my friends, my Slovene seems quite limited at the moment, my great-grandmother died while I was away (two weeks shy of 101 years) and I just don't feel at home yet. But at least hot tap water doesn't smell of sulphur and I have a tan.

Pictures should follow soon :)

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