petek, 30. april 2004

Oh happy day :S

So, Slovenia's joining the EU at midnight. I wasn't all that happy to start with, but today's radio broadcasts have made it utterly disgusting. I mean 7am news, that usually last about 20 minutes, lasted about 35 minutes today because all the EU enlargement pieces took about 15 minutes. Over-enthusiastic speeches (by politicians, mostly) all day long. Ew!

četrtek, 29. april 2004

I have fans all over the world :P

  • Fully ticketed

    It may be a new verb, but it suits me. I don't think I've ever had all my tickets this early. Not even for Greenland. If only I could focus on other things now.

    Being sleepy doesn't help, but I can't sleep past 7am these days. All that light, birds chirping, and prophetic work-related dreams wake me up (I really am psychic, it's getting scary). So in order to get some more sleep, I hereby solemnly swear that I'll go to bed before 11pm tonight.

    To do:
    • study study study
    • questionnaires into Ecxel
    • write field trip report
    • figure out an itinerary for Iceland (harass WF people if necessary)

    sreda, 28. april 2004

    Ha! and Yay!

    Blogger's advertising engine's finally figured out what strange language I sometimes blog in. To confuse it again, maybe I should start throwing in sentences in random languages.

    Booked my Edi flights. Copenhagen tomorrow. And lunch with my best friend :D

    torek, 27. april 2004


    Kot otrok sem bila blond. To že dolgo nisem več, imam pa dneve, ko sem čisto zares kot blondinka iz vicov vicev šal (minus popolna postava). Danes mi je že uspelo skoraj nekaj zašuštrati glede avionov za Edinburgh, potem sem pa še nekoga skoraj obtožila zalezovanja. No, pa še tole sem komaj spisala. Človek bi težko verjel, da imam maturo iz slovenščine.


    My planned Iceland itinerary is no more. Sure, buses run. But only three times a week outside the main routes. Anyway, Sprengisandur is now out.

    The Icelander reading this blog, please advise me:

    So my plan so far is to leave Myvatn on 23rd July. I have 6 days until my plane leaves from Keflavik. The question now is: Ring-road clockwise to Reykjavik (with a stop or two) or Westfjords?

    sobota, 24. april 2004

    torek, 20. april 2004

    Pa pišem

    Islandija je ena velika zmeda. Včeraj sem dobila en mail v celoti v islandščini razen treh besed. OK, že mogoče dobro, da malo povežbam en iks jezik, ampak kadar gre pa za letalske karte, se pa ni za hecat. Upam, da ne bo kakšnih presenečenj na izpisku od kreditne kartice. No, še dobro, da obstaja t.i. diplomski seminar, v času katerega, namesto da bi poslusala predstavitve diplom, berem Lonely Planet za Islandijo.

    Priceless quote
    [...] Iceland has a good network of hostels or farfuglaheimili (literally, this translates as "little home for migrating birds").
    from LP Iceland, Greenland & the Faroe Islands, p. 82

    Sicer me pa tudi faks mede. V nobenem primeru ne bom šla spomladi na več kot 4 izpite, kar je zame nič, ampak pošteno povedano nimam nobene motivacije. Pa nasploh me daje podoben občutek, kot sem ga imela zadnje mesece pred maturo: da se imam blazno fajn in da se mi prav nič ne ljubi učiti. Pa da bom pogrešala sošolce in vse to. Saj vem, da absolvent ni ravno isto kot matura, je pa tudi res, da smo tokrat iz cele Slovenije in da se bomo za različno dolgo razkropili po celi Evropi (če ne svetu) in vsaj nekateri povsem izgubili stik.

    Čisto zares je na faksu zadnje čase zabavno. Danes nam je neki Belgijec predaval nekaj o kmetijstvu v Ardenih, ampak smo bolj malo odnesli od predavanja - ga namrečnismo nič razumeli, ker je obupno govoril angleško. Še asistentka ni mogla zadrževati smeha. In ta človek naj bi nam v petek dajal navodila za terensko delo. Rezultati bojo zanimivi.

    Nagradno vprašanje: Kaj bi pomenilo tole (zapisano fonetično): "Ku mejk smol." Nagrada... OK, še ne vem, ampak bi se dalo najbrž za kakšno razglednico iz tujih krajev zment. :)

    nedelja, 18. april 2004

    It keeps getting better and better :)

    It appears I'll be in Denmark a bit longer than originally planned, staying at M.'s. Malmö's still on, but after Odense.

    Past midnight

    Why am I still up? Beside the weird thoughts going around in my head, I also know I need more sleep.

    Note to self: never stay up for anyone but yourself!

    petek, 16. april 2004

    I've got the tickets!

    OK, not physically, just have them booked! They were ridiculously cheap.

    I'll have a 2-day overlay in Copenhagen, so I might go visit my friends in Odense, or maybe add another country to my list by going on a daytrip to Sweden :)

    I'm so excited now!

    So sending faxes for free is the good thing about working for an NGO...

    sreda, 14. april 2004


    So I did everything from the to-do list below. Results are as follows:
    • Thursday TV thingy is off
    • the new dentist can't take me on (If anyone knows a good dentist in south/central Ljubljana, please let me know!)
    • no answer yet
    • done
    • done

    torek, 13. april 2004

    To do

    • call re: Thursday TV thingy
    • call new dentist re: appointment
    • email IcelandAir and cc WF
    • get the little thing mentioned in the post below done
    • write the two postcards waiting on the table

    I was just about to... about how busy I am, how I've got all these things to do etc. etc. And I started thinking exactly what I have to do. And there's only one (yes, one) little thing that has to be done, and it is very simple and shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

    But I'm not giving A. any more than 30 minutes for his chemistry. He works best under time pressure :P (and if I give him any more time, he'll figure out how useless I am at chemistry).

    nedelja, 11. april 2004

    Twas a nice sunset tonight



    Last summer I decided the best way to get to Seattle was to fly to Chicago and take the train from there. Then in September Do asked me to write about my six weeks in North America for Subside.zine. It took me forever and in March I finally submitted my travelogue, but just for that little bit of my journey - from Chicago to Seattle.

    A Trainologue is now here :)

    Isabel Allende: Eva Luna

    [...] da se je [...] spominjal mlečne svetlobe pod prtom in se mnogo let pozneje, na drugem koncu sveta, nekega jutra pod belo mrežo zoper komarje, kjer je spal z žensko, ki jo je ljubil, zbudil oblit s solzami.


    With a lot of effort I've added a comments feature. Comment away :)

    sreda, 07. april 2004

    Go North!

    This is where I'm hoping to go this summer:

    And this is where I was in 2002:

    Spring, take 2

    Spring really sucks this year: it snowed today, but I'm having the worst spring fever ever. And I'm not getting tomorrow off (harassing people with our silly questionnaire), nor Friday (all day sending out applications at SCI office). And then I've got a uni assignment to work on over the weekend. Well, at least Monday's a holiday :)

    The project is still one big question mark. And again - the less said the better.

    OK, gotta get ready for tomorrow!

    I've been linked!

    By Živa in ..., which is written strictly in Slovenian. More power to her! Živjo Živa!

    torek, 06. april 2004

    Friends, take 2

    I met J. in high school. We were friends from the beginning, but never really close. I also met Š. in high school. We've always been close friends. J. and Š. were very close in high school, but less so for the last couple of years, the main reason being their completely different lifestyles, but they keep in touch.

    It's J.'s birthday this week. Š.'s come up with a great present idea, and as always, we're getting it for J. together and we're visiting J. on Friday. Herein lies the problem. I'm not really friends with J. anymore. I see her twice or thrice a year, and the get-together is always organised by Š. J. and I have very little in common, and we're both aware of that. Yet Š. is completely oblivious to this and even thinks J. and I communicate regularly. Which we don't. We don't hate each other, so I suppose we're just humouring Š. and we all get together a few times a year.

    And I wonder - how long will we keep this up?


    I'm exhausted! And I can't blame it on spring (it snowed today).

    Working with SCI seems complicated, but also fun! I've already put in about 10 hours and I haven't even done any real work. That starts on Friday! I'm scared to death (I have actual responsibility here! SCI made such a difference in my life, so I have to be careful what I do to other people) but also excited.

    The project doesn't seem to be ending. The less said the better.

    nedelja, 04. april 2004


    The pie turned out OK, have yet to taste it.

    Feeling sort of blue. I know why, but also I can't really put my finger on it. I guess I'm questioning all my "relationships", past and present. Oh well, I'll get over it.

    Chocolate pie

    Making it today. If it turns out alright, I might post the recipe here :)

    sobota, 03. april 2004


    It's exhausting, innit?

    Anyway, shopping was a success! Bought a pair of shoes by Skechers (sorry, can't find a picture of the shoes anywhere), a shirt, and some nick-nacks. Now my account needs some recovery time (roll on 10th April!).

    petek, 02. april 2004

    New template

    I've done a pretty good job with my new template. Which is a lot, considering my knowledge of html is non-existant :D

    Growing up

    No, not me!

    Went to see Š. today. Whoa, she's actually making pretty serious plans re getting pregnant in a few years.

    četrtek, 01. april 2004


    It's fascinating how we trust people and how we get to it. Today Na. was supposed to pick up those two proof-read articles. I just told her to call when she's in the area and we'd arrange something. She called, we met up, no biggie.

    D. however still hasn't called. And I think maybe she won't. The point being that I don't trust her. I know she's a good person, but I guess I just don't know her well enough yet. After all I only met her a week ago.


    I can now apply for exams online, and also check all my grades and everything. The problem is, there are at least two grades missing from that list, and they would be important for my average. Oh well...

    D. still hasn't called me. I don't really care, if she calls too late I'll just tell her I can't make it and if tomorrow would be OK.

    Getting some Iceland prices now. Easyjet and IcelandExpress aren't cheap, but still a lot cheaper than anything else. Also looks like I might want to spend a day or two in London. Or perhaps Cambridge, it's closer (and cheaper to get to from Stansted). Anyway, this is going to be a very expensive holiday :S