sreda, 17. marec 2004

It's in the air

Spring, that is.

Picked up my prize for the article yesterday. I love those t-shirts!

I talked to St. on MSN yesterday for the first time. And S. was sweet as ever. I think the other day when he was talking about the e-card I'd sent him, he was trying to talk about something specific. Oh well, he'll get to it eventually. He's still quite ill, but improving.

Re D. - I'm not talking to him these days really. And from some posts it appears he does not consider himself single any more. It was closure 2 weeks ago, but I still need some time not talking to him much. We may go back to talking lots, but probably not. I'm realising now it was never as real for him as it was for me. And it seems I was trying to be someone different, not myself. I may seem like I'm in my cozy little shell, but fuck it, that's who I am and I like it. It's not like I can't open up to people. It only takes a bit longer and to the ones really worth it. I know I could tell S. everything I ever told D. and it would be normal, not me trying to be someone else.

Gee, I'm getting all tearful, PMS already?

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