sreda, 31. marec 2004

BS Queen

That's what I am. Really. I've just written my Iceland application and the BS really is BS and yet true and utterly believable.

Now on with those two English articles by non-native speakers. They are weird and proof reading them is a nightmare. But I guess I get bonus points for doing it. I'm such a corporate-whore :P

ponedeljek, 29. marec 2004

Life is beautiful

It happens every spring. A day when I feel nothing but joy and elation. When even new that could be considered bad, are good. When I sing as I walk.

Today is that day. I caught up with all the gossip at uni (G. and N. apparently never really were, one of the tutors is pregnant, or we think so, etc.), even the professor's criticism of the field trip wasn't bad, and, for the first time in months, I'm online without feeling the least bit guilty, because I've done everything I was supposed to do. It's true, I need more than one thing to keep me busy, and I manage my time better.

Oh, and sunny weather helps, too.


nedelja, 28. marec 2004


Ugh. Why did he have to say that? It would've been so much easier. Now I'm checking for tickets to places I really can't afford.

Talking to him now. Why am I not capable of telling him how hias remark made me feel? I know what he's gonna say, and in a way he's right. Aaaaargh!

četrtek, 25. marec 2004


Ugh. Just hope tomorrow goes well. :)


Here I come! I've checked out the flights and now just need to confirm the dates with Nick and I'll book. Yay!!

The Project

It's coming to an end. Not as well as we'd hoped, but I don't care, as long as it's over. We're checking out the route today and tomorrow is the field trip. I liked working on this thing. It was a lot of work, but also fun!

torek, 23. marec 2004

Finally had a chance to talk to N. again. It's pretty much settled - going to Edi at the end of August :D

Winter again?

Less than a week ago it was 23°C. Now it's snowing. Hmm...

St. sent me an email after that message below, apologizing for the way he acted. He said he'd tell me about the resons for his sadness. I replied that he should only do so if he feels like it. So now there's no email from him. I wonder if I'll ever hear from him again.

D. is moving to Australia at the end of next month. I don't know how I feel about it. Guess I'm not 100% over him yet, but then I think I'd feel the same way if some random acquaintance annonced they were moving to the other side of the world.

I've now pretty much given up on the idea of doing a camp in VT. Looking into other options now.

nedelja, 21. marec 2004

SCI workcamp applications...

...are a joke! I mean they surely can't be expecting people to be honest, since about 95% of us do it for cheap travel. Oh well. I have to decide about those two circus camps (must contact VFP!) and then about the rest of the camps as well :) And I need to ask N. about me coming to Edi at the end of August. Hmm, just realised he may be having exams then. I'm sure J. would love to have me though! And I could definitely make it to the pissup then :D

sreda, 17. marec 2004

It's in the air

Spring, that is.

Picked up my prize for the article yesterday. I love those t-shirts!

I talked to St. on MSN yesterday for the first time. And S. was sweet as ever. I think the other day when he was talking about the e-card I'd sent him, he was trying to talk about something specific. Oh well, he'll get to it eventually. He's still quite ill, but improving.

Re D. - I'm not talking to him these days really. And from some posts it appears he does not consider himself single any more. It was closure 2 weeks ago, but I still need some time not talking to him much. We may go back to talking lots, but probably not. I'm realising now it was never as real for him as it was for me. And it seems I was trying to be someone different, not myself. I may seem like I'm in my cozy little shell, but fuck it, that's who I am and I like it. It's not like I can't open up to people. It only takes a bit longer and to the ones really worth it. I know I could tell S. everything I ever told D. and it would be normal, not me trying to be someone else.

Gee, I'm getting all tearful, PMS already?

sobota, 13. marec 2004

Last summer

I really had an amazing 46 hours on that train from Chicago to Seattle.



Why is it that even though the scanner glass seems perfectly clean, there are still spots on scanned images? Oh well, just have to scan each image a few times and then somehow I manage to get a scan with an acceptable amount of these white spots. Wow, I can't believe this is getting published! Will link it once it happens :)

petek, 12. marec 2004

I am determined

Today I will finish that silly paper I've been avoiding for weeks. The silliest thig is that it's not at all difficult, I've found a great book with all the info I need.

sobota, 06. marec 2004

Lazy Saturday

I slept 9 hours last night :D

Went into town alone/with my parents in the morning. Talked about travelling a lot. By now I've seriously considered Svalbard, Botswana and Fair Isle. I could probably afford any one of them. *sigh*

Had a good chat with L. We discussed D. at length and I'm quite happy to report that it didn't depress me or otherwise emotionally affect me. Looks like it really was closure. Heehee, also trolled a bit :)

S. is sick. He really can't afford it financially...

petek, 05. marec 2004


My dear dear camera is back :D

In other news: I have a hell of a headache today. And had weird stuff happen to my left eye in the morning. Am mildly worried :S

And I still think I had closure on Wednesday.

četrtek, 04. marec 2004

Good news for today

• I should be getting my camera back soon!
• A., whom I helped with 7th grade maths and physics a lot lately, got some very nice grades in those subject this week :)
• I think it was closure yesterday.

Sunny weather does miracles for my mood :D

ponedeljek, 01. marec 2004

I like lists

Things about today that are not good:
• period cramps
• learning that a class on Wednesday's been pushed back, meaning I finish later than I'd hoped
• being lazy
• not knowing what to have for breakfast
• my camera still in repair after exactly 3 weeks
• Friday's field trip postponed for 3 weeks

But of course there are good things as well :) :
• 2 messages from S.
• talking to N. on MSN
• being lazy
• having enough time to finish our project and start two new ones
• eye candy at the candy shop

Yikes, I haven't turned the calendar pages yet :S


Period cramps.