nedelja, 29. februar 2004

Twitching eye

My right eye has been twitching since yesterday afternoon. It's damn annoying!
I'm feeling a great sense of accomplishment today. It's not like I've done all the work there is, but somehow beeing here when my great aunt came to pick something up, finally finishing last weekend's work and hammering maths into my best friend's little brother's head make me feel good. I love primary school maths, by the way.


This week I learnt that a girl I was quite close with in primary school is pregnant. OK, so it's not like she's very young, she'll be almost 24 when the baby is born. Still, she's my first female school mate to have a baby. And another primary school class mate is getting married this year. I'm not surprised though, I remember in 7th or 8th grade she announced the day she would get married. She said it would be in 2005. So 2004 is even earlier than she predicted 10 years ago.

Speaking of weddings, my friend N. has sent me a very funny link: Hick Wedding.

Want snow?

It has snowed at least a little every day this week. I wonder how long it's going take for all this snow to melt.

I used to love snow. And I still do, but this week I realised for the first time that just like rain, snow doesn't go well with PMS and emotional distress. Speaking of which, this has been a pretty rotten week. I had two nights with barely any sleep. I'm really glad I have L. to talk to about this (I will not write the whole story here), she makes me feel better. I know I'll be fine, but I also know there will that there will be potentially painful follow-ups on this story.